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K63 Wireless - Wakeup time


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I like most things about my new K63 Wireless. But what almost brings me undone is the wakeup time from idle.


I am not talking about the sleep time, which can be changed in iCUE, but rather the time the keyboard takes to wake up after it has gone to sleep.


This time is in the vicinity of 3-4 seconds. And even worse, no keystrokes are registered until it actually fully wakes up.


I have previously used Logitech and Microsoft wireless keyboards. They have awoken instantly, and remembered keystrokes immediately. So... it can be done.


Is my only alternative to set an absurdly long sleep time? And thus, reduce my battery length?


I was excited to get a quality keyboard with the K63 Wireless, but my particular usage pattern makes using it problematic.


In no reviews, nor in any Corsair advertising/information, did I read about this inordinate delay in waking up. Especially, as I said, even $20 wireless keyboards seem to have instant on.


Advice / commiserations would be welcome. Thanks.

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Using dongle or BlueTooth? I use it BT and wake up is almost instant. In fact I don't have much experience with it via dongle, I'll have to experiment. Only time it's slow is when the PC sleeps, and the BT on the laptop has to wake up and re-establish connections. That can take 3-4 secs. (about 3 flashes of the BT indicator) Edited by Apophis3
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I'm using the WiFi dongle. It's on a PC - no Bluetooth.


But my other wireless keyboards were WiFi as well, and they awoke instantly.




Yes. I notice other posts on here as well about this.


I would be happy to sacrifice half my battery time if the keyboard just always stayed available.


Please Corsair..... fix this in a firmware/iCUE update. This is a *premium* device, with a premium price...

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi everyone, we've heard you and are working to implement two improvements:

1) Reduced re-connection time when the keyboard is woken from sleep

2) Separation of low power mode (w/ backlight timeout) and sleep mode with adjustable settings


These will take a bit of time to roll out, but they are coming.

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i am happy i can adjust my sleeping timer on my keyboard, however there are two issues:


1) it takes the keyboard about " 3 seconds" to wake up and it does not remember "key strokes", quite upsetting after choosing to spend money this keyboard. these two combinations makes it very frustrating.


2) unfortunately the keyboard does not feel up to standard, ive been using it for about 10 minutes max each day, yet it died in only 40 days, the math here is upsetting. even on full brightness it should've lasted 10 hours.


ive chosen this keyboard as a combo with my Logitech wireless mouse for the RGB over the Logitech G613 keyboard, but it slowly is starting to feel like i shouldve reconsidered, where's the long awaited update?


Thank you!

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