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Corsair Carbide Air 540 Front I/O Part


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Hi everyone. New to the Corsair family and happy to be apart of it. I have a bit of a dilema. I bought an Air 540 for cheap ($50 AUD) and love it to bits, but the front I/O has a few issues.


The right USB 3.0 port picks up inserted items but errors out with a message saying the device failed. Plugging it into the left USB 3.0 port works fine, but I want both working.


Second is the Hard Drive LED doesn't work. I have tried switching the orientation of the HDD LED plug in the motherboard and it hasn't helped. I haven't tested the wires for continuity yet, even though I should, but I wanted to know where I can purchase a new front I/O in Australia.


I checked the "GLOBAL" option on Corsair's site, and it does not have any retailers for this part here, which sucks. So that is why I am here, asking for help as to how to obtain one. Can I just order one on Corsair's page and they can ship it to me?


I'd be cool with that...

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