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So, here's the issue...

I've been running the Corsair strafe for a while, and my 9 key on the number row hasn't been working so I figured it was just not working due to age. So, yesterday I went out to purchase the K70 mk.2 SE keyboard and set it up and plugged it in. Come to find out I'm having the same problem with the 9 key. its just not working. The strange thing is that the "left parentheses" works fine on it. I've checked the firmware on it and it is up to date and even deleted from windows and reinstalled it, with no prevail... I've binded it to my Logitech mouse through the Logitech software back from when I was on the strafe keyboard so I figured maybe it wasn't registering because of that. I uninstalled the Logitech software and reinstalled it without bind the 9 key and still nothing. anybody have any ideas on what is going on? Is it possible that that key is locked out somehow or if its unbinded through windows somehow?


any help would be appreciated, THANKS! :biggrin:

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