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RMx causing abrupt random shutdown in idle and in load


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This issue has started happening since last Friday. My PC was running flawlessly ever since I installed my new PSU on May 2018. It would shutdown then restart in idle after an hour or two and a bit sooner when browsing the web/watching videos.


Running Aida 64 stress test and stressing the CPU, mem and GPU, the PC would sometimes immediately shut down or run for around 10 minutes then turn off. I removed all OC including turning off xmp mode in the first test. When stressing the system while overclocked the PC would instantly turn off then on again. The more times I stress it the sooner it seems to abruptly shutdown/restart.


I think the psu is faulty or maybe the Mobo. Tried disconnecting/reconnecting all the wires inside the PC and turning the PC on with only 1 ram stick installed at a time. Removed the GPU from the PC too but problem persists when stressing the CPU, FPU, cache and memory (no OC). Cpu and GPU Temps dont seem to go above 70 when stressing with aida64.


Same instant bootloops happens when playing DOOM 2016


Anyway here are the specs:

CPU : i7 8700k

CPU Cooler : Corsair h100i v2

Mobo: ASRock fatality z370 itx

Ram : Corsair vengeance 8gbx2 @ 3000mhz

GPU : Asus strix gtx 1080 A8g

PSU : CORSAIR RM750X (2018)

Storage : Seagate 1tb HDD/Intel 530 250gb/Samsung 850evo 1tb


PS: Power supply was my latest upgrade from a Corsair cs550m which also ran flawlessly for 4 years but I had an inch to upgrade.

Plz help!!!

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Do you have another system you could throw this in and see if the problem follows?

Or if you still have the CS550m try swapping it back in to see if the problem fixes its self.


Hey thanks for replying

I will test my PC with another PSU and see if the problem persists. As for the ols PSU, I gave that one to a friend so I don't have that on me atm.


Also some other questions;

How likely is it that the PSU is the main culprit and not the Mobo or any other component? Also when it comes to sending the PSU back to Corsair for RMA, is it necessary that all cables must be in their exact original condition? I ask because I removed 2 pins from a 8+8 pcie power cable, will that be a problem?

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