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HX1200i Cables double check


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I've checked the chart but can I just double check.


HX1200i LOT# 17297167


This means I need


Type 4 - 8-pin EPS12V x1

Type 4 - PCIe x2


Type 3 - 24-pin ATX x1

Type 3 - PATA/SATA x3


Now how does this related to all the Type 3 Gen 2 Type 3 Gen 3 cables I see on the Corsair shop?


Could someone supply me with the correct part numbers (I'll sort out colors later)



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You can use type 3 cables for everything on that PSU, if you want enhanced voltage ripple cancellation go with type 4 cables for everything but the 24pin as the type 3 is the only one that will fit. Also SATA/PATA cable are the same across both types. Ignore "gen"eration that doesn't apply to fitment.


24pin Type3 Gen2 CP-8920053 (Black)


Cable Kit Type3 Gen2 CP-8920045 (Black) [Does Not Include 24pin]


The type 4 Kits come with a type 4 24pin included so you will still need to purchase a type 3, unles you dont go the kit route and only buy the cables you need separately, could be more expensive depending on your setup.

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