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Use Commander Pro when PC is off?


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I am currently looking to convert a unRAID with Win10-VM NAS-PC to two dedicated systems in the same case, one for NAS- and one for gaming-duties.

I solved every problem but the one of controlling case fans and waterpump.

I'd quite like the fans and pump speed to be dependent on the Heat of the Gaming System and it's CPU but that does not run all the time. The NAS system runs even wneh the gaming system is shut off and its components and especially the HDDs need a little airflow in this case as well. I wondered it the Corsair Commander Pro could be used to solve this problem. Does any of you guys know how it reacts to the USB-Conection being unplugged but the power still being plugged in (from the NAS-PSU)? Can it operate independently (on a fixed 20% or so PWM Signal to the fans) and then recieve Temp-Date from Corsair LINK on the Gaming System when it powers on?


I thought this forum was the most likely place to find someone who would know this or is willing to test it with their hardware. I appreciate any information.



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