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LL120 Fans not lighting up


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So i have a dilema,


just got 2 sets of the nice white corsair LL120s, to go with my 570x in white.

now the dilema truly is they do not light up


now for connections:


i have a commander pro 1 of the RGB connections from it plugs into the "hub" for RGB on the fans.


i then have a lighting node pro attached with the USB attachment. it also has a HUB on it for some of the older SP series fans.


NEITHER hub is working.

i have tested all 4 RGB ports using corsair RGB strips and they work perfectly.

the SP fans flicker off and on and are just out of control no steady light at all


the LL120s, the fan in port 1 gets an orange glow on the centre cap of its fan but the RGBs dont light up


for a power supply i am using a AX1200i, and have them split over 2 different Sata power cables


i have tried disconnecting everything else power usage wise from the power cable same result.


i have also made sure to set both lighting hubs (for the fans to the correct number of fans (i also tried setting them to 1 just to see if it was a stability issue)


in corsairs ICue, i have updated all to the latest firmware.


i spose ill also add im only getting channels 1 + 4 on the commander for temp sensors the other 2 dont detect.


any ideas or suggestions?

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