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USB passthrough not working?


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Hi there! I recently bought a k65 keyboard from corsair, the support seems to be bogged up and I figured who better to ask than a helpful community? so, here I am,

in the manual it mentions that you should be able to hook up a corsair keyboard to a USB 3.0 using only the keyboard USB (the one with the keyboard logo on it), it doesn't specify whether or not the USB passthrough will work at that point but that is what I was expecting, that is not the case however, as I'm currently out a USB port on my computer, please note that I've got a decent MSI computer at home, but I'm out of town right now and therefore I'm using my Macbook Air, which I've verified is a 2017 model via apple support and then also through the actual computer, and made sure that it has USB 3.0, however it still seems to ignore that and does not accept input from my corsair void headset, FYI, the macbook air only has two usbs, both are USB 3.0 and yet neither work for the passthrough ports.

any tips or solutions? I'd be grateful, thanks in advance, though I'm likely to thank you again at the time of answering!

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