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Compatibility issue?


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I recently moved my Corsair XMS RAM from my MSI Neo2 plat board (it worked beautifully) to my new setup a shuttle sk83g system. it has given me nothing but problems. random restarts and the like.


ive tried setting the latency timings to no avail. phone support and email support have only left me hanging listening to automated messages.



my setup is


shuttle sk83g SFF

AMD 64 3000+

1 GB (2x512MB) corsair xms (TWINX) RAM CMX512-3200c2pt (XMS3202v4.2)

ATI X800

maxtor 200 GB HDD

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I am a little confused why you would step down going from a 939 MB to a system like this. However the fact the modules ram in your other system with out problems would suggest a problem with this system. I would check with the MB maker and make sure that you have the latest bios and maybe test the modules in another system to be sure.
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after waiting 2 weeks for an RMA number i sent the two sticks back and now (even though it said that they would ship 24-48 hours after they received the sticks...its almost been a week.. what's the deal?


RMA# R73162

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I sent an email yesterday morning with the trackng number. response in less than 24 hours has yet to be received.


Fed Ex Tracking # 849197568487


received on March 10, 2005 signed for by M. IBAY




this extreme delay is costing me money and testing my patience. i usually suggest Corsair RAM to my customers but this is making me question my brand loyalty.



Requested RMA# 2/22/05

Received RMA # 3/7/05

Sent RMA Item 3/8/05

Corsair Received RMA Item 3/10/05

Still no replacement 3/17/05


almost a month since request. if i wanted to wait i would've not shipped it 2 day air and would've bought some replacements from a different company.

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The new modules were received today. Just shy of a month from original RMA request. I suggest not posting a rigid time schedule (24-48 hours) if things like backordering occur. I am a patient man but a lesser one would've given you hell and then some.


thank you for all your help.

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