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Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Connections


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Hi, new member old user (73, so bear with me) here. I've found the schematics in the Corsairs Obsidian 500D SE Setup Advice and Diagrams to be most helpful and to whomever made them, thanks so much!


In my newest build, the Corsair 500D SE has four LL 120s front and rear and two LL 140s (cooler) tied into the Commander Pro and the Lighting Controller. The Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 280mm (I've switched the ML 140s to the LL 140s) has a USB connector that according to the schematic goes into the Commander Pro, a 4 pin fan output into CPU FAN, a SATA connection to the power supply, and a 4 pin/3 pin male connector that has me completely baffled.


I didn't see the male connector anywhere in the schematics. Can someone please help me out tell me where this male 4/3 pin male connector goes?



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