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Corsair One i160 - Whats the factory M2 SSD?


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For all the owners of the Corsair One i160. What is the factory M2 SSD that ships with this unit? I assume it would be the Corsair Force Series MP510 480GB M.2 SSD correct? Just wanted to confirm before order because if its an x2 SSD I'll just purchase a couple of x4's and upgrade it right off the bat plus add a secondary M2 SSD for games only. This motherboard does support a second M2 SSD on the back correct? Thanks in advance guys!
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Actually it's Samsung.


Samsung mzvlw512hmjp according to hwmonitor


Thanks! I find it extremely odd that they're using a Samsung SSD instead of their own brand. Makes me wonder if Samsung makes the chipsets for Corsair and they just rebrand their products. Are you able to confirm the motherboard supports a second a M2 slot on the back?


According to a newegg listing the factory drive is a Samsung 960 Evo sold to OEM manufactures.


Samsung PM961 Polaris OEM 512GB M.2 NVME NGFF PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD

- OEM Part: MZVLW512HMJP-000H1

- Model: MZVLW512HMJP

- Product line: PM961 Polaris

- In original OEM packaging (HP)

- OEM (no retail box, manuals, or mounting screw)

- Your computer must support NVMe PCIe M.2

- Compatible with Windows 8.1 or newer

- OEM version of Samsung's 960 Evo drives.

- Storage Capacity: 512GB

- Internal Data Rate: 2800 MBps (read) / 1600 MBps (write)

- MTBF: 1.5 Million Hours

- M.2 size: 2280

- Interface: M.2 PCIe

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The M.2 is indeed a samsung OEM M.2 drive. I'm not sure what kind of modification you are attempting to make but bear in mind, your warranty will be voided should any damage incur. There is an M.2 on the back of the motherboard and it is the only m.2 slot on the motherboard.


Thanks for the response! That's disappointing that there is only one M2 slot on the motherboard. For the price of the unit there should be a M2 slot on the front of the motherboard like normal and a secondary slot on the back. Either way I may clone the factory M2 drive onto a new Samsung 970 1TB and create partition for games. Then upgrade the factory 2.5" HDD to a 2.5" Seagate SSHD 2TB for additional storage such as movies, music and pictures.


If I do end up upgrading the factory M2 SSD I can download all the necessary software from your support website correct? As far as a MS OS image goes I have my own MSDN Enterprise account so I don't need it a cd key for Windows 10 Pro (or any other Windows 10 OS variant I'd install). Would there be anything I'm missing software wise?


On a separate note I have to give you guys props on shipping. I ordered my unit Tuesday evening right before midnight, Wednesday at noon my order had been confirmed, Thursday at 1am my order had shipped (from Taiwan), Friday my order was delivered at 4pm CST in the afternoon.

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so help me out here... are there two M.2 slots in the i160 (one that is factory installed and a second slot that is wide open)?


There's only one M.2 slot on the underside of the motherboard. You'll need to replace the M.2 SSD that came with your unit.

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