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RM650x - Some Cables Missing Pins. Normal?

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Hi all,


First time builder here. I set up my build yesterday and plugged everything to the PSU and was able to use my PC fine for a few hours. However, I noticed on a couple cables that pins were missing in the ends, and no wires were being fed into them. Just want to make sure that's intended.


The two I notice that are missing pins are as follows:


1) The PCIe cable that plugs in to my GPU (the weird looking one that splits into 2). The 8-pin end that plugs into the PSU (says "Type 4" on it) is missing the lower left pin/wire, yielding 7 pins in an 8 pin slot on the PSU. There is also a much shorter 6+2 end (says PCIe on the 6 pin part) that when combined would be not missing a pin. I'm wondering if I should use that end instead of the 8 pin.


2) The peripheral cable that plugs into my HDD, fans, etc (the one with multiple SATA connectors on it in series). The 6-pin end that plugs into the PSU (also says "Type 4" on it) is missing the bottom middle pin/wire, yielding 5 pins in a 6 pin slot on the PSU.


Again, everything was working fine when I tested it out, and I can't imagine these are defects. I've searched around and got mixed results with similar posts - some people saying it's fine and others being skeptical.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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