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570x and LL120 setup question


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So I'm planning to use a Corsair Crystal 570x and planning to grab a H150i pro cooler. What I plan to do is to remove all of the fans that come with the case and the H150i Pro and replace them all with the LL120's, for a total of 6 LL120's. I have 2 LL120's at home without the lighting node pro. My question is, if I bought a 3 Pack of LL120's (which include the lighting node pro kit) and a single LL120, would there be enough capacity on the lighting node pro to handle 6 LL120's?


Also, since I am not using the included SP120's that come with the case, would I have to remove the included RGB hub, or can I still use it in that case without the SP120's?


One last question, where would I plug in the 6 fans? I plan on using a ROG STRIX B450-F motherboard that comes with 3 chassis fan connectors, so I'm not sure how I would hook up all 6 fans to the motherboard.



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