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RMA Request: faulty VS512SDS400

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I have two sticks of 512MB PC3200 DDR SODIMM (VS512SDS400) installed in my Acer Ferrari 3200 laptop. After I installed both SODIMMs, I ran Memtest with bitfade test all night long. It passed the tests without failure.


Now comes three months later or more. After I started getting messages of programs performing illegal operations and XP giving me random boot file errors, I suspected maybe a bad drive and ran extended diagnostics from Hitachi. They past flawlessly. However, when I ran Memtest and Memtest+, I've been getting errors on test 6. In fact, the errors are consistant with certain regions of the memory. So I suspected a faultly SODIMM and not mearly a timing issue. Sure enough, when I tested each SODIMM by itself I was able to isolate the faulty stick.


Memtest always reported the following addresses as faulty.












These addresses don't do me much use other then determining I have a faulty stick with constant failure points. I would appreciate being granted official RMA status so that I may return the faulty SODIMM. Thanks.

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