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Corsair One i160 - suddenly a lot louder


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I've had a Corsair One i160 for two weeks now and aside from having this issue with using the rainbow LEDs, it's otherwise worked great.




This morning I turned it on and it's noticably louder, even at rest. I can clearly see that the top fan is off, and it's still making noise. Previously if I were just sitting at the Windows desktop, it was essentially silent, but today it has a noticable hum. It also seems to make a high-pitched whine that is noticable much more under load.


In iCUE it shows the Fan as being off, but both the CPU and GPU pumps around 1900 RPM. The pump velocity doesn't change even when running a demanding game (Battlefront II running at 200% render scale). I've attached pictures showing the iCUE stats - the fan is maxed out during the game, but at rest 10 minutes later, it's completely off. However, the pump RPM hasn't changed much at all.


My questions -

1. Are the pumps supposed to be variable speed? iCUE won't let me change anything about them, but I don't remember if they were lower before today when it got louder.

2. Are there any other parts that could be causing this noise?


After working fine for two weeks, now I'm worried something is going to go wrong... should I RMA it? After spending $3600 on this I don't expect things to start going wrong two weeks in... and after reading several other posts here I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't just return it.



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Your temps are fine, the pump rpm is fixed. Can you tell me from which side of the unit are you hearing the noise from?


There's a low-pitched hum that comes from the left side, that doesn't seem localized to any one point. There's a high-pitched hum coming from the lower right side, which I can tell comes from a specific point as I move my ear up and down that side. I attached a picture to make it more clear.


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