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ICUE dependencies on RGB Pro RAM and RGB case fans


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Hi everyone,


i'm currently planning my next build and looking into different parts.

The Corsair products look great and have caught my eyes.



One thing I am curious about and could not find the info I was looking for is regarding hardware playback and ICUE dependency for following two products:

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM

LL140 case fans (or any other Corsair 140mm case fan series really)


Basically my question is:

If I set the Ram sticks to static white in ICUE and close or even uninstall the software will the Ram remember to light up white on the next boot etc?



If I set LL fans (or different corsair RGB case fan) to static white will they go back to the default rainbow lighting during boot or when I close ICUE? (I would not be running the Commander Pro, just the Lighting Node Pro)


I did find this in Zottys sticky:

SP/HD/ML RGB Fan's and Pro LED strips have Hardware playback, Meaning they will will continue to display Custom Profiles when iCue/LINK isn't Running.

LL RGB Fan's Have no Hardware Playback meaning they will not display Custom Profiles when iCue/LINK isn't running


Do Custom Profiles entail static colours? Or are custom profiles just the fancy RGB effects. Can I continually run SP/HD/ML RGB Fans in static white without iCue?


I'm more or less looking for a "set up once and forget" solution running white LED/RGB and ideally not running any software in the background.


Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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You can certainly set the LL/HD/ML-RGB fans to a static color or one of the pre-programmed patterns. My preferred one is static 0,0,0 Black, which is the trick for turning them off. I would recommend setting iCUE not to run on start up rather than uninstalling. It is too essential to making changes or health check ups to dispense with entirely, but there is no requirement to have it running for most things.


I don’t have the RAM, so I will leave that for someone else, but it should be quite capable to sit on a static color without active control.

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As long as you have "Full Software Control" unchecked for the RAM, that's what it'll do when iCUE is shut down.

And Zotty's FAQ statement was based on Link. With iCUE, you can set hardware profiles for all fan types. So that's what you'll want to do.

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