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H150i Pro & Commander Pro problem


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Hi again all!

I've looked through the pther posts regarding this issue and no one them work for me.

I've had the H150i pro working fine through icue since installed, but now I've just installed Commander Pro and RGB Lighting Hub and connected my H150i to the usb port on copro, icue doesn't see it the cooler!!

When I plug H150i back onto mb, it gets picked up fine in icue.


All fans and leds aer picked up fine in icue - just the cooler won't be seen when connected to copro. I've only 2 usb headers on my mb so when I connect corpo and cooler to mb, I cannot connect the usb front panel. Could the usb front panel usb connection be connected to copro where copro could just passthru usb signal for front panel?

If not, any suggestions for a fix?


As I wrote this, icue just updated itself - any chance the update might fix the problem? I'm asking cause I really don't want to open the box and re-connect cables again just to find out it was pointless.

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You could connect the front panel to the CoPro. But something seems off; your cooler should be detected, even on the CoPro.


Thanks Devbiker!

I agree it should be detected but after looking through some similar threads on here, it unfortunately seems to be a problem that quite a few people have with copro not picking up coolers on the usb port!


But if I can connect the front panel to it and panel works, then I'll take that as a win!


Edit - tried to connect front panel to copro and stuck a usb stick in front panel to see if it'll get picked up -

Instead I got (in device manager) under usb device - port reset failed, and Device Descriptor Request Failed.

Does that look like a bad usb port on the copro? It happens on both of the ports

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