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are ML120 and HD120 able to sync?

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Hi All,


I'm building a new PC and i'll be using the CORSAIR SPEC OMEGA RGB as my case.


One of the things which i am worried about is i will be cooling my cpu with the

CORSAIR Hydro H100i Addressable RGB PLATINUM.


I've noticed the case uses the HD120mm where as the cooler uses ML Pro RGB fans.


I am just wondering if these two fans can sync, also will a separate controller be required?


As much information as possible would be greatly appreciated.




Dan :)

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Hi Buddy. Have read of the Below linked thread. covers the Corsair RGB Ecosystem in detail including device specs and set up diagrams.




To be able to control the HD fan in iCUE and match its curves with your cooler you would need a Commander Pro.... the Spec Omega RGB comes with a Lighting Node Pro that is specific to that case.. unfortunately is doesn't control Fan speeds

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I've now changed the H100i to a h115i.


I can see that the coolers RBG can be controlled directly from the IQUE software without needing to be connected into the RGB header.


Does this mean that my Spec Omega RGB and the HD fans included will still be in sync and just the Cooler will be out of sync.


I'm just wondering as i do not mind so much if the RGB is in perfect harmony just if it is lit up haha.

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Hi everyone :D

I want to change my pc case and coller so i have a few questions.

I bought corsair ICUE 220T RGB Black case with glass front panel. Case have 3x SP120 RGB PRO, i will buy one more SP120 RGB PRO to the back and want to buy Corsair Hydro Series H100i Platinum RGB. H100i have 2x CORSAIR ML PRO Series RGB, can i sync sp120 fans and ml pro rgb fans? I have only corsair fan hub. Or should I buy 2 more sp120 and put it on h100i platinum?


Thanks for replay and sorry for my english :)

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