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M65 Elite side buttons stopped working after iCue update


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Try going into your Windows settings -> Applications and going a modify/repair install on iCUE. This has been known to happen now and again, not version or mouse specific.


Thank you, I'll try that when I get home later. I've had other weird issues where the firmware force update fixed and the repair install didn't but I should have tried that.

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If the above posted suggestion does not work, try cleanly reinstalling iCUE.


First, locate the iCUE installation folders in Windows and delete them manually:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair




Then locate the various registry keys related to iCUE. These can be modified by opening the program RegEdit, which comes default in Windows. Just open your START menu on the bottom left of the screen, and type "Regedit". Then you need to delete these two folders:





That will generally get you around the error.

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