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issue with 2 memory modul (256 mb PC4000)


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i own an Asus P4P800SE motherboard, i installed 2 memory modul (256mb PC4000 XMS). In the bios, memory modul are properly detected, but when i open windows XP, memory work only at 200MHz (instead of 400MHz)

The PC4000 memory modul is made to work at 500MHz but the P4P800SE motherboard is limited to 400MHz

i will try to update my bios version

help please... :(:

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Well don't worry about that it's the real speed of the memory, that's why they call it double data ram 200x2 = 400DDR

Just bench them with eg Sisoft sandra or Everest home and you will see that the memory is working at it's correct speed. These rams give you some more headroom when overclocking. Don't worry about CPU-Z reading your system is fine :laughing:

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