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iCUE v3.12.118 Patch Notes

Corsair James

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Hi everyone,


Here are the official patch notes for iCUE v3.12.118


Patch Notes for iCUE v3.12.118


  • To assist with profiles being shared across different types of devices like Commander Pro, Lighting Node Pro, and Platinum Coolers (with their respective choices of RGB fans and strips), we now will match profile parameters during import with the device that the profile originally contained. For example, if you have a Lighting Node PRO and you have LL fans (x6) in channel 1, a Commander PRO user who has LL fans but in channel 2 will now be able to properly mimic your setup despite the contrast in lighting channel setup.
  • Resolved an issue text overlap with certain languages
  • Resolved an issue with RGB series fans and single color keyboards
  • Resolved an issue with DPI and Dark Core when waking from sleep
  • Lighting Library has now been added for CORSAIR ONE/PRO 2019
  • Hydro Series PRO Coolers now share common lighting and lighting library (i.e., users with H100i PRO can share their lighting effects with H150i PRO)
  • Expanded SDK Support
  • Hydro Series Platinum Coolers now share lighting effects and lighting libraries (users sharing profiles between devices will no longer require the exact device to see the configured lighting effects)
  • Resolved an issue with Harpoon RGB Wireless DPI colors
  • H100i PLATINUM RGB SE image has been updated to reflect the white color
  • Resolved an issue with Notifications and RGB DRAM Lighting effects
  • Resolved other various minor issues and bugs
    Update: There is a known issue with a certain VIA chipset and wireless products that may result in a crash when waking from sleep. The VIA 3.0 chipset in question is using driver version: 10.0.17134.1. We recommend, if possible, to switch your wireless dongle to a different USB port that isn't using this specific chipset to avoid any potential issues with device performance and iCUE.

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For those who cant wait, actually we can found version 3.12.118 only on the support page here :))

With the new private beta for the division 2 i was hoping for the icue integration, unfortunatly we need to wait a bit more but if you look at gamesdk folder we can see some seek profile:biggrin::idea:

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I'm still having an issue with hardware lighting playback, even after 3 updates and reporting this issue 3 times. I even made a video to demonstrate the issue.


As you can see, the rainbow wave hardware profile is broken. In the video, you see the profile I'm running while PC is running. I show the HW profile is set for rainbow wave for the LL fans. The fans show the "example" of the lighting just fine, but when I lock the PC, the lighting changes to some weird mix of like standard rainbow and color shift. What's the deal with this, and how do I go about fixing this?



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Since this thread has received very little update from the dev team, gonna try and jog everyone's memory



When can we expect a fix? It's incredibly frustrating to see so many updates related to RGB effects not functioning properly when there's a bug roaming around right now that can lead to CPU temperature damage. These issues have been being reported since 11/18.

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No issue fixed at all, wow.


- USB disconnect with Platinum Series AiO (personally I don't expect a fix before Eastern tbh though)


- Windowed Apps / Games interfere with main iCUE profile, not even possible to change a profile in iCUE when it is not the main profile on top of the list because it almost instantly jumps back to default lighting profile (started with iCUE 3.10)


- hardware profile issues with keyboards, not possible to delete or override the existing hardware saved profiles at all


- Rainbow Wave on the LL fans ist just a color wave instead of the shown spiral next time you boot the pc


- Glaive DPI brightness adjustment not working at al


- unacceptable high CPU usage when operating the RGB Pro in full software mode (up to 25%


- from time to time one of my 4 RGB Pro ram modules fails to light up when switching profile and ends up being off until I manually remove and re-insert it into the ram slot (ram size still available, just no color)


- Only 3 of my 4 RGB Pro modules are being shown with temperature stats, 4th is always missing


Overall lately a very disappointing experience with this iCUE software, soooo much issues with this software, incredible.

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With the current iCUE version 3.12.118, I can only modify the existing onboard profiles of K70 MK2 keyboard. I have rasied a ticket and the tech guy, who really tried, could not help me to resolve it.


You can, however, modify them by selecting one, modify it (there is no save button, it get's saved automatilly in iCUE, but not on the keyboard) then ensure to overwrite the existing profile on the keyboard memory.

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I left this computer unattended at around 10am, when I came back in the evening I noticed clicking on the icue icon on taskbar does absolutely nothing, when clicking the icon in notification area I get the first menu open but when clicking on any of the items nothing happens, further, the menu refuses to close at all. I had to close icue throught task manager.


Only corsair device I had connected at the time of the problems is my Void RGB Wireless dongle.


I am yet to see these errors while the headset is turned on, and all the errors in the image attached happened after I turned off the headset and left the computer to its own devices.


I don't think this is intended behavior.


EDIT: this might have been caused by running HWinfo64 to monitor sensors.


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additional information
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Any news on whether the temp monitoring and fan speed freezes on AIOs have been fixed? I've updated iCUE now, but haven't tested to see if the fan/pump rpm lock up and flat-line on the graph yet



I was getting this problem because i had 'enable full software control' on for my rgb ram. when i turned it off all my temp and fans started working again

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Is this feature http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=166341 going to be supported? I use the mouse with my left hand so I need to be able to swap the mouse buttons at the hardware level (the Windows swap mouse button does not work consistently across all apps.) I've been stuck on Cue 2 since the workaround on iCue is flakey. I just bought a Harpoon Wireless RGB and it looks like it only supports iCue. I really like the mouse but if iCue has no plans to fix this, I guess I will have to return it.
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i dont know... for me the software is getting worse



--dashboard is lagging like hell (not the desktop area the one in the programm)...

also its black instead of transparent...

seems like it dont matter if i click startmenu dashboard or any other button on top its kind of lagging an takes a few seconds to respond....


-- moving or resizing the icue windows is lagging and stuttering


---no more messages when switching profiles!


---node pro wants update but after update nothing happens..


--also my void headset always shows a yellow alert in the taskbar (next to the clock) if its not on... it tells me its not connected, yeah i know i turned it off lol


i really wanted my whole build to be corsair but after a year of waiting for a ambilight or at least a effect in the software, i lost hope and patience


their is still no news or or whatever for ambilight background monitor lightning...

u guys are releasing 10 different aio coolers with different lightnings but u guys cant release a ambilight feature? come on , just add the feature to the node pro or the commander pro whats the problem???


this really kind of pisses me off after a year of waiting, almost every company who has led products, already has ambilight, i should have bought some other companies product right away after i got treaten like a idiot for asking about ambilight......

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Honestly if the icue flatline freeze isn't fixed soon I'm just going to buy another AIO from another company. I can't have this anymore. I have to stare at my screen when rendering and when icue crashes I have to manually end task on Corsair.Service (32 bit) in order for it to run again. It's killing me!
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Hello there ... before the update i used to force a restart i cue service and my fans were quiet. now after the update this trick is no more ... even though i have a quiet profile for my fans they rev up and they are very noisy ... please can you help me ?


Make sure your fan curve is pointed at the liquid temps and not the cpu temps or anything else.

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Hello and thanks for your answer ... how do i do that ? in my BIOS ?


If we are referring to the H115i fans, that will be in the cooler tab in iCUE. Click the cooler picture. Click the performance tab. You can only change the control variable if you are using a custom curve (everyone should). Make sure it is on H115i Temp or Coolant Temperature. Normal coolant temp range is about +4-6C above your room temp with a load increase of +6-10C, accounting for increased case heat when the system is working hard.

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