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Fan noise issues after update?


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Just became a life-long Corsair user after my recent purchase of the Vengeance 5180. Awesome delivery time. Awesome experience setting up the box, took me about 10 minutes.


My issue: I purchased my Vengeance about a month ago. First thing I did was install Rise of the Tomb Raider and Ashen to get a baseline on temp, performance, noise, stability, etc. I did this after all the Win 10 updates but before updating motherboard and Corsair software. This is over the course of about 5 days, for reference. So the weekend comes around and I decide I'm going to look for the latest software from Corsair... this may be where my issue started. Before I installed/updated some stuff I couldn't get this thing to make a peep. Temps were a little high but the fan noise was almost non-existent. After installing LINK and updating iCUE and rebooting, the fans sounded like my old box. They were noisy and erratic. I learned that you don't need LINK anymore since the iCUE software is a central spot for configuring your Corsair stuff so I uninstalled LINK. I've looked all over the place for info regarding fan curves and software controls for the AIO. I can't seem to find what the heck I did to this thing to make it like this. I am now sad - as much as I love this machine, the low noise level was the tops for me. Please help me revert this thing back to its former glory.


P.S. It's not that loud. Idle at ~35db and gaming/under load is ~45db. However, before it was certainly less than 30db. Like I said, couldn't hear it. I was playing Resident Evil 2 yesterday and got it pretty noisy. Didn't get a change to record the decibels though. Sorry.

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