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order cacelled by corsair, ticket #849710


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I ordered a product in 29/01/2019 and the day after I received a mail from Corsair that said this:


"Dear Valued Customer,

On January 28th and 29th, CORSAIR.com experienced a technical error resulting in incorrect pricing on the CORSAIR website. As a result of this error, your order(s) have been cancelled and credit card was not charged.".


So my order was cancelled by Corsair but on PayPal the transaction is also on "on hold" status so I can't use the credit until Corsair cancel the order on PayPal. I contacted paypal and explained that the order was canceled, but they replied me to contact directly corsair to cancel the order, otherwise paypal can not do anything.


I created the ticket on 05/02/2019 and I have not received any answers yet.


Sorry for my bad english.

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