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iCUE won't launch at all.


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I've recently bought a Corsair K68 and I love it. There is only one minor issue with it. I can't get iCUE to open at all. No error message, no sound, no nothing. There are just 2 processes running in the background at idle.


I've tried reinstalling it, changing the USB port of the keyboard, but nothing helped. (Strangely I get the Windows unplug sound when I launch it after installing iCUE, but every time after that no sound plays at all.)


It wouldn't be really bad if I couldn't get it to work, as I'm not such an RGB fanatic, but I just would be very nice to fiddle with some settings.


In this video you can see my problem.


Sorry for any spelling mistakes, or if something is explained in a weird way. English isn't my first language.


Kind regards, Julian.

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