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DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D with Corsair RAM


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I am planning to purchase this 939 motherboard with a Athlon64 3000 and looking to buy Corsair RAM for it, hopefully for doing significant (not extreme) overclocking to push the limits before the next CPU upgrade.


Due to the function of this system (a RAM hungry Digital Audio Workstation) I will definitely expand the RAM to the full 4 GB limit for this board in future. BUT.....I only have $ to buy a single piece at the moment (nevermind no dual channel configuration).


This narrows down my choice to a single piece 1GB module which overclocks well enough to "match" the supposedly great o/c capabilities of this board (up to 360 FSB they say).


But having read the memory page on the board's manual which says:


"The integrated memory controller in AMD's 64-bit Socket 939

series CPU will directly catch data transmission from DDR RAM

without passing through the Northbridge. Therefore when using 4

identical double side DIMMs or using 2 DIMMs in non-dual channels,

the memory speed will reduce to DDR333. Please refer to the

detailed memory speed shown below...."


There is a table of figures which follows, but basically (I think) it says if I want to use four 1GB modules, they all have to be Single-sided in order to retain the memory speed of DDR400. If the modules are Double-sided, the memory speed will reduce to DDR333, which defeats my purpose of buying a fast, overclockable (and much more expensive) RAM instead of the Value Select range.


Is this a limitation of this particular motherboard (the Asus A8N-SLI manual doesn't mention this) or is it a chipset limitation?


So, are there any affordable Corsair 1 GB modules that are single-sided?



Oh and a second question, about the Asus A8N-SLI as specified in the manual:


"Due to chipset resource allocation, the system may detect less than 4 GB of system memory when you install four 1GB DDR memory modules


Due to CPU limitation, DIMM modules with 128 memory chips or double sided x16 memory chips are not supported in this motherboard"


What does these mean? Will I face the same problems with the Lanparty board as well? How much RAM will it detect maximum?



Thanks! :biggrin:

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I would not suggest you install 4 modules with this MB or it may have to run at DDR333. In addition, I would suggest you get the memory you plan on using, upgrading later may not be an option. And many MB's will see 4 Gig of memory as actually 3.3 to 3.67 Gig of Ram. Not to mention, when you add more memory the system will be a bit slower in some tasks. The fastest configuration would be with one set of Twinx1024-3200XL modules.
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