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Bad TwinX Memory Stick

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I have 2 Corsair TWINX memory sticks. The specs are:


Part Number: CMX512-3200LLPT

Version Number: 1.2 (XMS3205v1.2)

Lot Number: 0414029-6


XMS3200 512MB 400MHz 2326


A few months after setting up my system, it started crashing intermittently. I tried replacing the video card, hd, etc to no avail. Then today I ran Memtestx86 and got about 60,000 errors after 15 minutes or so. I took out one of the RAM sticks and reran Memtest - no errors. I then swapped the other chip in and reran - thousands of errors. So it looks like the one stick is toast. Are there any more tests or any info I need to give to get an RMA?


System Specs:


Intel D875PBZ motherboard

3 GHz Pentium 4 chip w/ 1 MB L2 cache

800 MHz System Bus


From the BIOS (w/ the one 'good' chip installed):


800 MHz System Bus Speed

400 MHz System Memory Speed


SDRAM Timing Control: Auto

CPC Override: Auto

SDRAM Frequency: 400 MHz

SDRAM tCL: 2.0



SDRAM tRASmin: 6

Memory Refresh Cycle Time: 12 Clocks

Memory R/W delay: 2 clocks

Memory R/W timing: 6 clocks

DDR Voltage: 2.625 Volts

Total Memory: 512 MB

Memory Mode: Single Channel






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Please try and set the DDR Voltage to 2.775 Volts and test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org.


Ram Guy,


I did as you suggested. I set the DDR Voltage to 2.775 Volts and I grabbed a copy of Memtestx86+1.51. I first tested the "good" module and found no errors after 2 passes.


I then swapped in the "bad" module and ran the test. I got 9044 errors after one pass.


In looking at the error listings, it seemed like all of the errors were in the fourth half-byte (nibble?):


Good: ffffffff

Bad: fff7ffff

Err-Bits: 00080000


But it wasn't just for 'ffffffff' sequences- many other sequence failed but the problem was always with the 4th nibble. I suspect the problem is with the MSB of the lower nibble of the second byte. Errors I noticed were 'F' turning into '7', 'e' turning into 6, 'c' turning into 4, 'b' turning into 3, 'a' turning into 2, '9' turning into '1' and '8' turning into '0'. The 'Err-Bits' field always read '00080000'.


Are there any other tests I need to do before I can get an RMA? Also in the mean time I'm using my one good module - should I keep the DDR Voltage at 2.775V as you had me change it to or should I go back to the default 2.625V?





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