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Bad memory stick

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Hey there. I ordered a Corsair Platinum Series TwinX pack (2x 512 PC 3200 w/ platinum heatsink) from New Egg about 6-7 months ago. When I installed them, one stick worked and the other did not (Chaintech motherboard beeped and returned the "bad memoray" error code through the Zenith error code box). I tried this memory stick in every slot to make sure it wasn't the motherboard; it is always reported as defective and the system won't boot. I tried returning this item to New Egg, they claimed to have replaced it, but the stick I was returned was the same one, marked with a black 'x'- perhaps the sent the wrong one(?). Either way, I have a stick of bad ram (there's no two ways about it- tried to boot the other stick alone in every slot and worked every time, tried the same with this and it failed every time). I figured I'd have to eat it since it's been a while (I moved recently and forgot about it for a few months), but I just saw your lifetime warrantly and figured I'd see if I could get it replaced after all. Thanks,


Ben Flynn


P.S. The stick that did work was excellent :).

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