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Issues with Ticket #829814


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Hello everybody!


End of 2018 I had problems with my Vengeance 4GB RAM-Modules, so I tested them and after finding an Error with memtest I opened up a Ticket with the mentioned Ticket No.

After getting an RMA Number I sent in the defective Modules (while only one was defective I sent in both, as I bought them as a Kit).

In my Ticket statusbar I could see that they arrived at the 8th of january 2019.

Since then nothing happens!

Now - suddenly - the ticket was closed!!

The Livechat is offline for days now, the international phonenumber gives me no connection, and it seems that there is no possibility to contact anybody from the support.

Now it seems that my last hope for getting contact to someone who is in charge is this Forum.

I must confess that I feel a little bit like beeing ripped off and hope that there is someone who could help me getting my new RAM-Modules.

As I'm a 3D-Artist I really need every GB RAM for my work and working with only 8GBs is somewhat often slow and frustrating!

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