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i160 loud noise, high motherboard temperature


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Corsair One i160, was working fine but today at morning when I booted it, right side cooler went too loud, it is impossible to sit around without noise cancelling headphones. Speccy shows motherboard temperature 107C. BIOS shows motherboard temperature 55C but fan speed at 3400RPM. All other CPU temperatures around 45C, GPU - 30C. CPU/GPU pumps are at ~1800RPM. iCUE logs shows this:

- MB Temp #1: 104.0°C

- MB Temp #2: 127.0°C

- MB Temp #3: 104.0°C

- MB Temp #4: 46.0°C

- MB Fan: 3400RPM

- GPU Fan: 3441RPM



Tried to play with fan curves in BIOS - didn't change anything, so I reverted it all to defaults. Any help/ideas?

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This fan is making noise (screenshot from LTT), looks like it is connected to the GPU, so may be it is unrelated to motherboard temperature. I booted PC again, motherboard temperature was 33C but in Speccy and iCue still 127C and 3400RPM fan. And this fan is loud just from start, even in BIOS.


Here is video: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbW3woK-V68[/ame]


Also added screenshot from HWMonitor.



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I watched JayzTwoCent's video [ame]

[/ame] and noticed this, hist GPU#0 fan was 0 in idle and around 2000 RPM in load, mine in 3400 RPM both idle and load.


Also found this review: [ame]


He has same extreme motherboard temperatures (numbers matches mine) but didn't complain about it.


So I think motherboard temperatures can be ignored and in my case actual problem in GPU fan, which for some reason is set up to max rpm. I tried to play with it in MSI Afterburner, but it had no effect.

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