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Scimitar Pro RGB profile issues


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Okay it's finally caused enough rage over the months and maybe even years to make a post. Likely should have done this way sooner but I didn't feel like making an account.


After getting the mouse and finding enough tutorials to teach me how to do even the bare basics like key binding the 1-12 buttons on the side to my keyboard number keys (which was way more effort than it should have been) I managed to get my profile where I wanted it.


After tinkering around, I found out how to delete the built in other profiles labeled Scimitar Pro HW 1, 2, and 3. Because for what I do, I only want the one profile and I don't want the scroll buttons to cycle through my DPI randomly. But I found that randomly while playing games, it would suddenly swap DPI to insane numbers. Often times in the middle of important moments. Sometimes it's days between incidents, sometimes a couple months.


Just today I was in a ranked match with my clan and missed a very important shot because the mouse decided to swap profiles when I hit the scroll up button. I opened the iCUE and boom. Lo and behold, the Scimitar Pro HW 1, 2, and 3 profiles had magically appeared below the ones titled "Main".


I've deleted them every single time. I've gone into settings and cleared onboard storage every single time as well. But it still randomly brings them back at the worst times. Which makes my buttons do what I very much do NOT want them to do. Which causes me very violent thoughts towards this little piece of hardware.


Please please please for the love of all that is holy can someone tell me how to fix this?

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