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iCUE not detecting commander pros


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I'm having a pretty big issue with iCUE detecting my commander pros. I have two of them installed, currently connected to 10 fans.


If I do not have iCUE installed, corsair link detects them fine.

If I do not have corsair link installed, iCUE still does not detect the commanders.


attached 'icue_problem' is my logs.


My motherboard is a Z370 maximus X hero wi-fi AC. with the newest bios and chipset drivers, at least to my knowledge. If you need any other system specifications let me know. I only have several SATA devices attached and everything so I don't think there would be conflicts from those.


Thank you for your time and any help you provide.


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I just did a reinstall of windows (to fix an unrelated issue) and still same problem after installing all of my drivers and everything.


I'm using a remote desktop right now so there isn't a mouse plugged in. The only software installed other than my drivers an some ram caching software (PrimoCache and PrimoRamdisk).


I attached the new logs, just in case there's something else. It seems like the commanders are recognized in USBDeview.



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If you are connected to the machine via Remote Desktop, none of the devices will be detected; iCue disconnects USB when you are not logged in locally to the machine. If you log in locally, you should see the devices and be able to configure them. They will remember their configuration (it's handled by the service).
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oh man that might be the whole thing then. Let me try a local log on.


Edit: Yep, if I use multiplicity or a KVM and log in works.


Thank you very much. I just have to be less lazy on my setup to get it to work haha. Entire time I was like "I don't wanna get my KVM out or install multiplicity when I can just use RDP."

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Confirmed problem fixed.
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Well if you want I can get really mad at Corsair and demand they make RDP work, but I don't know if you and I being the only 2 will make that happen haha.


I don't know if multiplicity works on windows server. When I looked it up a while back when I got it as part of object desktop and wondered what it did the wikipedia did mention it supported windows server 2012r2 but I don't know if that's accurate. I don't use it for working on a server. Sorry I can't be more help there.


I just ran into another weird issue that didn't seem to happen with corsair link. Well it was kinda there but weirder. I think one of the 6 fan light controllers is dead-ish because it seemed to only work on 5 fans before but it may be a CUE thing.


I have a weird setup because some of my fans are on a separate PSU with one of the commanders. This is specifically because my cooling is on a water loop that spans 2 pcs in serial. I turn on liquid cooling and then boot both pcs. Weird, I know but I have a WP200 case and was like "I wonder if I can just put my old PC in this one and use one water cooling loop." The answer was yes, but it came with some interesting design choices.


This results with 4 fans plugged into one commander, 6 into another, and 1 into my motherboard's cpu fan jack because it wouldn't boot unless something was plugged into it and my pump has to run full duty so I couldn't put it in that because it would get min duty signal on shut down and if I shut down 1 pc but not another I may still need more flow. The thing is 11 of my channels lighting channels are used (and only powered when the PC is on. The commander with the fans on 2 radiators is controlled by the power from psu 1 of 3.


Commander 1 gets power from PSU 1 as does my liquid cooling, PSU 2 supplies PC 2 and commander 2 as well as both lighting controllers power. PSU 3 messes with the other computer which has thermaltake RGB fans right now (I've been thinking of changing, corsair's look better). We can ignore PSU 3 completely. As you can probably see there are like a million things that might be going wrong here but I don't wanna just be like "oh hey this thing isn't working" without providing accurate information. It seems like changing PSUs on things doesn't work, and this is the one that's in a "not weird" situation where both are getting powered like they would normally for a single PC and traditional water cooling system.


Anyway, the commander with 4 fans 'talking' to the lighting controller has a strange issue when I assign it (commander 2 in this situation, only on when the PC is on, as is the lighting controller for the fans). When I assign it three fans in lighting setup, it results in photo 1. If I assign 4 it results in photo 2. Note: There is a single fan under it. That is fan 4, it isn't lighting up. Instead the ring of fan 3 lights up when 4 fans are assigned, and is not lighted up when 3 fans are assigned.


PSU configurations don't seem to fix this, and when I was using corsair link it seemed like only 5 fans (of 6 lighting node connected) were lighting up. Is this maybe an issue with iCUE not liking 4 fans being controlled but 6 lights being controlled? If you don't know offhand I'm sorry I made you read a wall of text and I'll see if plugging one fan lighting controller into the other commander fixes it.



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That's quite odd. It sounds like you may have the channel configured as HD fans rather than LL?

The other thing to consider is this - the fans operate in series. So one flaky fan can impact the other fans down the chain. Have you tried rearranging them on the fan hub?

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