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Vengeance shall be mine... or should I be Dominated?


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Going to upgrade my memory to 32gb but not sure wether to stick with the vengeance modules or totally upgrade to dominator platinum?


After reading as much as I can find on the difference between the two types, would I be correct in summising that dominator modules are tighter timing for heavier overclocking with upgraded heatsinks whereas vengeance can be overclocked - just not as viciously?


My rig is primarily for gaming - no heavy duty video editing etc, and I've oc'd my i9 9900k to 5ghz @ 1.31v. I've kept my 16gb (2x8) corsair vengeance memory at stock speed 3200mhz which is fine for me atm and not sure wether I really want to oc the memory as I know it's the cpu's IMC that will dictate wether the memory oc will work or not. If I was to oc my new vengeance or dominator memory, at what level would a memory coolker be advisable?


Any and all opinions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated, and rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to disney land *cough* x)

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