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This what Corsair calls "Certified Refurbished"


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On 01/01/2019 my AX760i failed, I submitted a ticket and started the RMA process. With the AX760i discontinued the Rep gave me a few options, After much deliberation with the RMA Representative he set me up with a brand new AX860i.


The only problem is the 860 is out of stock and with no real ETA on the next batch, the rep sent me a Certified Refurbished "CR" AX860i that I can return once stock comes in.


The reason the Rep set this up was because i did not want any chance of a repeat issue, based from what i have read from the forums.


I have received the "CR" Psu and given it a careful inspection.. And what Corsair considers "Certified Refurbished" IS APPALLING!

Looking at this Unit I have an idea on what its LIFE story is. The mounting side is bent out almost as if some one was beating on it as if they were trying to get it to work OR when they tried removing it from their case they were so upset over the problems they were having with it, they forgot to remove all the screws when they went to pull it out.


You can also tell it was most likely an RMA that they couldn't reproduce the issue so they pushed it off to the refurbish dept. When i look closely into the screw hole that lines up with the PCB you can see where the mounting screw bored into the substrate. This would/could of caused a short that wouldnt be duplicated on the RMA/refurb work bench because they probably didnt put the monting screws into it while testing it.

























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