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RGB lag + intermittent responding


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Rgb fan 4 & 5 are out of sync with the others. Fan 3's outer ring is lagging to change colour and rgb fan 5 is not responding to linked lighting profiles unless it is first triggered by a static profile or instant lighting. Then it will intermittently not respond to the profile.


This also effects any rgb fan that is swapped into port 4 and 5.


Currently rgb is set to correct fans. Fan speed is controllable.


ICUE 3.11.114

Commander pro firmware 0.8.210


I have two corsair rgb spitters running from my commander pro. One for 2 ml140's on the h115i and one to run the 5 LL120's. The commander pro has rmi and h115 usb's running through it too.


Any ideas what is going on?

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