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all profiles stopped working incl default HW ones


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When I started the pc this morning none of the usual profile lights came on. They have been working from the time I bought the keyboard 5 days ago. I updated CUE (it was v2 it is now v3). I tried resetting (unplug, press esc while plugging in - seriously need 3 arms for this - then plugging in again). All it does while keyboard is still undetected is show the rainbow. So I know the leds work. But then the keyboard is detected and all the lights go dead aside from the numlock indicator.


I did not spill anything on the keyboard. I did not install any new programs/drivers at all since I got this keyboard. Absolutely nothing changed. All I did was turn off the pc yesterday and start it this morning. It did give me a hardware profile conflict message which I never had before (still v2 of CUE) so I deleted my own profiles and cleared the onboard profiles. Also tried instant lighting (v3 of CUE) and led's are still off.


Please help. I could still return the keyboard as I only bought it 5 days ago but it's snowing outside :/

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