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Two Identical motherboards, different behaviour with CPro


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I have two MSI X299 XPower Gaming AC motherboards. Both Have Corsair H115i Coolers with Colrsair HX series PSUs (850i and 1200i). My main system has 2 commander pro's. The test system (With the 850i) I just added a commander pro to. It does not detect either the H115i or the 850i.


The other PC sees everything and works perfectly. Both motherboards are on the same BIOS revision.


The Internal USB ports are on Intel Chipset, not ASMedia.


I'm using v4.6.19 because the later version does not show disk temps.


Please do ask me to use iCue - that software is an unmitigated disaster and causes all sorts of problems with my system(s). It also does not resolve this issue.


I looked at device manager and there are no Corsair devices listed at all.


I can't plug everything into the internal headers, I would need 4 and I only have 2 (One for Front ports, which I use, 1 for the CPro, 1 for the PSU and one for the H115i).


What I find frustrating, is that on my main PC this all works perfectly, It's just the test-PC that has issues. They are both on the same version of Windows and both on the same patch level.


I tried to update the BIOS on the CPro but it tells me there are no updates.


Programs and features shows the driver is installed


I'd be skeptical that the CPro is "faulty"... It's brand new.


Please help.

Thank you.

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Moving M.2 SSDs is a PITA so I restored the image from working PC to test-pc.. No longer detected cooler or PSU.


So pulled out all cables and found that the USB cable from the pump to the CPro had a small nick in it near the USB connector. Must have caught a sharp edge in the case somewhere. Replaced the USB cable and it's now working perfectly.


Thanks for the assistance.

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