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Corsair Has Really Let Me Down... Ticket #838275


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So where to begin...


On January 13th I decided to contact Corsair with regards to my HX650 power supply making sporadic whining noises(this started happening around Christmas, but I figured I’d give it some time to see if it would go away, but it just kept getting worse). So I don’t hear anything for 5 days until I decide to reach out on the 18th via Corsair chat. The Corsair rep asked for some pictures of my power supply and the receipt(which I supplied). Next he wanted pictures of the side of the power supply(I have no idea why, since both sides of the power supply just have a giant HX650 sticker). I couldn’t provide these right away, since that meant having to disconnect everything from my computer once again and taking these pictures.


Later that night I get home, disconnect my computer and take pictures of the side of the power supply. Upload them and proceed to contact Corsair chat once again. This time the rep approves the RMA. He provides me a link to the shipping label with me having to return the power supply to an address in Milpitas California. I package everything up and send it out on the 21st. So on the 28th I get a message that there is an addressing discrepancy(I live in Canada, so I figure it must be some sort of small discrepancy).


I log back on the Corsair website to make sure that I did everything right, and I noticed right away that the address on the shipping label has now magically changed. Now it’s telling me that I was supposed to send my power supply back to and address in Fremont California.


I jump back on the chat right away and speak to a Corsair rep. I explain the situation to him, and he pretty much brushes my concerns aside. The rep tells me that the address I was originally told to send my power supply to is the old Corsair warehouse and essentially that there is nobody there to receive it. He tells me that I have to wait until the power supply gets sent back to me by USPS (if they even send it back to me) and I have to pay for any extra shipping costs for USPS to send it back to me. Never mind the fact now that this could be weeks until I get this power supply back and I have no computer(which I need for work). Oh and as a courtesy he decides to give me a free return shipping label with the correct return address for when I receive my defective power supply back. :[pouts:


I ask him if it’s possible for me to get the new power supply sent right away and I will send the old power supply back once it gets back to me. He says yes, but I have to give him a credit card number and I will be on the hook for the new power supply until they get the old one back. At this point, I’m really frustrated, since there is no guarantee when and if I will get the old power supply sent back to me(especially since I live in Canada). I ask to speak to someone higher up and he states no problem, a manager will call me shortly. Six hours later and I get no response…


So at this point I decide to call in myself. I speak to a very nice rep on the phone and she listened to my whole problem. However, she now gives me contradictory information. She says that all packages addressed to the old warehouse automatically get rerouted to the new warehouse and I don't have to worry about shipping anything back. Now 4 days later and I haven't heard anything back. I have no idea what is going on, where my package is or if anybody is even doing anything at Corsair.


I have been a loyal Corsair supporter for as long as I can remember(because it's a name to me that is synonymous with quality and good customer care). However, I'm starting to second guess all this now, since it's been almost three weeks now with no end in sight.


It would be really nice if somebody would help me out and just ship out a power supply to me. I did everything right on my part and yet I'm paying the price. I have no reason to keep a defective power supply once it gets back to me(if it even gets back to me) and will ship it out right away.

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Hello javid,


I understand that this is a huge issue that you had to deal with when you did everything right. I am sorry that you had to go through all of that. Let me see what I can do for you to help out the situation.


I do appreciate that you have been a long time supporter of corsair and I do not want this incident to tarnish that.


I have left you a reply on your ticket, please have a look.




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