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Difference between RGB strips for Lighting Node Pro


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New to the corsair ecosystem and RGB as a whole and I could use some help!


I recently bought the 3 pack of LL120 RGB fans which come with the fan hub and the Lighting Node Pro. For my build I want to also sync this up with 2 RGB strips. On the corsair website there are two options for strips:


"CORSAIR RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit"




"CORSAIR Link RGB LED Lighting Kit"


Are these different? Will the Link strips works with my fans/LNP? or do I need the 4-pack of strips even though I'm really just looking for 2 strips.



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okay so from my understanding:


the link strips are NOT compatible with Lightning Node Pro, only Lighting Node...which is different. And also they do not have individually addressable LEDs.


the rgb pro strips DO work with LNP and DO work with Link software but these fans I bought do NOT work with the Link software but they both work with iCue which is a different software.


So to get my LL120 fans working with RGB strips I need:



Lighting node pro

Pro RGB strips


and I don't need Link software at all.


is this right?

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