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400D with H115i, how to setup fans properly?


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I have a 400D case and H115i water cooling for my CPU. I have bought few noctua fans to replace the H115i ones, also one for top and one on the back. The original one from H115i is on top as well connected to CPU OPT and set to 20% all the time due to noise reduction.


I have also 2x HDD, 1x SSD, Asus GTX 1080 ti and Z370-f mobo.


The intake fans are only the ones attached to radiator. The problem is with HDD temps and GPU temps when on load. It seems there is not enough cooling inside. I have set the intake fans to not go below 50% any time and it helped a bit(they are still silent at this RPMs). They actually barely go any above that because liquid does not get hot even on higher CPU temps.


I was thinking that I can change the top Noctua fan (the one more on front) to the intake as well so it will blow to GPU and HDDs but will cross with the stream from front fans. Even maybe connect it to GPU output or set it to fixed RPMs. Maybe setting a GPU fans to not stop on idle would also help with air circulation? What do you think?


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