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h150i Pro Question


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The pump is a 3 speed "fixed" model. It will only run from the three presets. Leise=1100 rpm, Balanciert=2160, Intensiv 2850. All of the pump speeds will fluctuate +-30 rpm as the multiplier is rounded to predict the pump speed. Like the fans, click on the preset curve on the left first (it will turn yellow), then click on the pump speed reading. It should highlight yellow to show the setting is now active.


You are in Quiet/Leise mode now. While definitely quiet, it does give you something of a coolant temp penalty when under load. Most of us can park it on Balanced 2160 and never need to change it. It is quiet enough for desktop work, and offers all the performance benefits to be had. Unless you are on the high side of 200W on the CPU, you probably will not see any difference between the balanced and extreme pump settings. You likely will hear the extreme setting at the desktop level.

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