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CoPro + LED HUB to weird 4PIN Connector?


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Hey there,


I am an absolute newcomer to RGB lighting and am trying my best to wrap my head around it.


I purchased the Commander Pro and the LED HUB, thinking that this way i will be abled to sync up to 6 Corsair RGB Fans and/or LED stripes (7 I would think actually, afaik i connect the LED HUB to one of the CoPro's LED outputs and then I get the 6 LED outputs from the HUB plus the one still left on the CoPro .. right?).


A friend of mine also gave me some DIY RAM RGB cooler thingies and I am wondering if there is a way to connect these to the Corsair technology as well?

I have attatched an image showing the wire and connector, I am sure it has a dedicated name but I was unabled to find that.



I now belive that it is an SMD5050 connector, hope that helps ;)


Thanks a lot in advance :biggrin:


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