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Will these 2 corsair memory modules work


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Here is my dilemma, i want to upgrade my current system from 512mb to 1GB by adding another 512mb module, but i can't find it anywhere and was wondering if the following module would work with my existing ram.


the part number for the new module is CMX512-3200C2PRO


my current memory stick is a corsair module CMX512-3200C2 and was wondering if there would be any compatability issues.




My system specs are


A64 3000+

K8N Neo Platinum

BFG 6600GT

512MB Corsair XMS C2

36GB Raptor

OCZ 420W Powerstream PSU

LG 4040B +- DVDRW

200GB Segate SATA

80GB WD ATA x2


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