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Windowed Programmes and Games conflicting with main iCUE profile


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Had this now since several iCUE versions.

EVERY windowed game or programm is conflicting with the first/main iCUE profile.


For example I have a static all white for everything profile as my main profile for desktop use.

I have a profile for Word which is all blue for everything. When I open Word for a split of a second (sometimes a few seconds) the profile loads correctly and my whole system turns blue but then suddenly flashes white because my main white profile is in conflict with the Word profile and wants to be self-enabled... This also happens in windowed games and everything else which is not fullscreen - in fullscreen everything is fine.


This also results in the fact that I cant change any iCUE profile because even when I select a profile within iCUE it almost instantly changes back to my main profile - no chance to change anything in a new profile.


Anyone has a solution for this torture?



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