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Vengeance ddr 1600 8gb set randomly bsod when run in dual channel


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I will try to keep this as short as i can,


I bought this ram, CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 in a set of two for a new rig i built in 2013 and have been plagued with issues since inital build when it comes to random bsod, there is 16gb total between two chip set.


Why i suspect it is an issue with the ram? Well for the most part i have lived with the intermittent bsod assuming it was graphic driver issues, such is life, but this jan. i decided to upgrade my gpu and a few other necessities, the crashes were still occurring so i thought maybe it might be tied into my windows iso i refreshed install so i could start dumping the minidumps since my past win install completely borked itself with updating and dumping, With the fresh install the bsod were still happening but the system will give me diagnostic logs so i can start trouble shooting this rig.


(truthfully i should have troubleshooted at the end of '13 when i first built but as i said i was mistaken in thinking it was gpu related,Plus it did not help that 5 months after build i got sick in beginning of '14 with flesh eating bacteria and partially lost vision so i have no really been to concerned with these issues but bigger ones, i.e my health)


So using blue screen viewer and Who crashed, I was able to ascertain i was getting quite alot of memory related bsod, (page fault non paged area, bad pool header, memory management) with the cause "possibly' being related to hardware or a naughty driver injecting bad code into my memory space.


So ive tested both sticks in Dual Chan with memtest86+ and have managed 5 passes with no issues,


I tested stick #1 by itself for 5 passes and no fail and it managed to get 48 hours of stability with zero bsod, This stick seemed to give me the best performance stability i've had ever. in bios this sticks dram voltage stays at a consistent 1.48v


Stick #2 tested clean with ten passes, Performance wise on the first day i had some moments in games when it would lock up completely for a few seconds at a time but not hang itself, This was with secondary programs running, Today i will try performance with nothing secondary running to see if the hiccups are still present. The dram voltage on stick #2 sits at 1.48v but also jumps around every few seconds, the highest i've seen it jump up to is 1.506v



I could really use some help here folks, Thank you in advance for reading my saga here.

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Hello Swamptree,


I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing better now.


For your memory, it should be running at 1.5v and not 1.48. That small dip could be causing your issues. I would suggest bumping up the voltage to 1.55v manually in the BIOS since your board seems to be running it a bit lower than it should be. DDR3 is perfectly safe up to 1.65v.

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