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Obsidian 500d SE RGB - First Impressions


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I was excited to get this case so I could move more into the Corsair RGB ecosystem...Unfortunately, I open the box and this is my first impression for a flagship premium case by Corsair?? This is really unacceptable in my opinion. There is no need for such sloppiness and lack of attention to detail. Why would the Commander Pro and Pro Node haphazardly be mounted on the side you are wanting to look so clean and present to the world? Also the top fan filter is bent and the protective film on the glass was peeling. For $260 USD I expected better.









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It's sadly typical of these cases. mine was pretty similar and there's a number of threads about it. Q&A doesn't exist on the line putting these ones together. Thankfully the double sided tape Corsair uses is complete garbage, it's pretty easy to remove the CoPro and NoPro and place them in a more suitable location.
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