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Mouse and KB lagging when iCue is open


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So, my Glaive RGB and my K68 keybaord work perfectly fine before I open iCUE. Once open though, both devices become EXTREMELY laggy and are 100% not usable. Ive uninstalled iCUE, did the full delete, reinstalled the newest version and the issue comes right back. Ive deleted the profile as well and reinstalled and still the same issue. Both of the devices show the red triangle when iCUE is open.


I did plug a 2nd mouse in so i could at least mess around in iCUE when the issue was happening but theres nothing to touch because both devices show up as red it wont let me in to any settings.


The mouse is up to date, and oddly, the keyboard was on 1.5 or something like that and it just last week didnt have a firmware update but now 3.4.5 or something like that is out? I did update the firmware to that but it didnt resolve any issues.


So I had gone two weeks without my Glaive as it broke and I was waiting for the replacement. Today I got the replacement, plugged it in, and iCUE kept showing it as red, so I updated iCUE and this is when all the above issues started.

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