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Key showing wrong colors.


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Hey, I've had my K70 for about 5-6 months and it worked perfectly,


But recently i got a problem where my 'A' and 'ENTER' keys are using wrong colors. Green stays green so does blue, But red doesn't seem to work, It doesn't display anything, And on top it makes other keys light up red even though they are not selected, only when selecting the 'A' key. (Keys being light up : caps lock,s,d,q,b,n,m,windows key,print screen,1,F1).


When only selecting 'ENTER' no other keys light up but it does display red how ever its a lot dimmer and isn't accurate, So when using other colors it effects the color by not displaying the real color.


I've tried a soft reset and a hard reset, Neither have worked.

Corsair offered to RMA my keyboard however i prefer not to send it as i have no other keyboard to use, And the rest of the keyboard works fine.

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