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H150i pro it's a complete fail compared to H100i V2


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Hey guys.


Yep, the title it's quite "strong", but I have of course my reasons.

I'll try to explain, I'm italian and my english it's not so good, so I hope you'll understand me.


So, I bought the H150i pro for change my h100i v2. I always used my hd120 rgb paired with commander pro on my h100i v2, all worked as expected.

I did several profiles on my h100i v2 on iCue without any single problem.


And now, with the h150i pro... it's all a mess.


So, I installed the h150i pro, usb cable go on commander pro and commander pro it's connected on my motherboard (same as was with h100i v2). Fans are connected with the 3 way split that come with the H150i pro and pump it's connected on cpu fan.

I reinstalled iCue for be sure to have all "clean".




1st thing that's is absolutely horrible and no sense to me: on the custom curve, the h150i pro, support only up to 60C, the h100i v2 were 100, same for the commander pro.


2nd: if you "point" on a device for change for your curve, it change on ALL profiles... really Corsair? Commander pro and h100i v2 can point at difference devices with all the profiles I had. Profile 1 pointed at GPU, profile 2 at CPU and so on...


3rd: if I set a custom curve, that point on any of my devices, and I set, example, a maximum of 1200 rpm, as soon as temp raise a little (from 30 to 50, not even 60), h150i pro fans start spinning at maximum rpms, and won't stop at all. So i'm bound to use only the fixed % (for real????).


4th: after a while, pump speed, fan speed, etc., just remain STUCK. They don't change, even if restart icue, restart icue service (always fail), change profiles, change speed manually. No matter what I do, fans and pump remain stuck (led works as intended), and they will continue so, till I restart my pc.


I'm VERY tempted to send this thing back, it's not 1, not 2, but at least 5 steps back from the H100i v2.

And before you ask. Yes, I updated icue to the latest version, same for commander pro and h150i pro.



I really really hope you have a solution guys, or I'll send this useless thing back for the old, perfectly and intelligently working h100i v2.


Thanks in advance for who will try help me.




Now even after a restart, it continue does what he want... I want set up fans on min... at start, the did go down to 850rpm (hd120 rg lower speed), but as soon, as I did something else, fans reverted back at 1100/1150 rpm without a reason, even for 2 seconds they did spin at max... now I can't revert them back to the minimum. Pump stuck at 2100 rpm (speed of balanced profile, but the actual profile is the silent one).

Give me 1 reason to keep this thing in my pc, because tomorrow morning I will unmount it and send it back ASAP.


P.P.S. After anoter system restart, now pump act strange. On silent profile, goes up and down from 1100 to 1700 rpm every second...

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First, all of your complaints pertain the software, not the cooler itself. Every single one of those "issues" would be exactly the same with the H100i v2. However, as you mentioned you have not been using the software, I suspect the real problem is unfamiliarity.


1) Water cooling systems are meant to have their fans speed based on coolant temperature (H150i Temp, H100i v2 Temp, etc.). That how it works. Fans help remove heat from the coolant. If the coolant does not increase, a faster fan speed does nothing. Neither fans, pump, or radiator have any impact on the temperature generated between the pins and your CPU. That CPU heat is conducted away and this is true of all coolers, regardless of type. Your coolant temperature is a indication of how much heat is in the system. A +1C rise in coolant temp will cause a +1C rise in CPU temp. You can think of coolant temp rise as a penalty, although a small one. When the coolant has increased by +3C, it may not be worth it to blast your fans to reduce the CPU temp by 1-2C.


A typical coolant range is going to be between 20-40C, so there is no need for it to go to boiling. If your coolant hits 60C, that is a major problem, something has failed, and you need to shutdown. If you intend to run the H150i without the software, you will need to adjust and probably learn your coolant range first. The cooler will operate from a saved fan curve, but it must be something the cooler can natively read - coolant temp.


2) I'm not sure what you are doing with your curve selection. It works just the opposite way. First click on the fan curve you want to apply on the left. It will highlight yellow. Then click all (and only) the fans you want to run that curve. You can pick and choose. There is no select all option. You can make that curve active in all of your profiles by using the drop down menu, but you certainly don't have to. That is a convenience feature making it unnecessary to change the curve in every profile.


3) I assume you are trying to use CPU temp. As stated above, that's not how the cooler works and you are going to get abnormal reactions to a temperature that changes multiple times per second. You haven't listed your hardware, but any of the recent Intel or AMD offerings are going to be very CPU temp dynamic. Don't use CPU temp for control. It doesn't work and it doesn't make sense for your plan.


4) The iCUE "freezes" are not something that is supposed to happen. The most common problem is conflict with another monitoring program, like AI Suite, HWiNFO, or any of the other full spectrum motherboard software packages. You'll need to be more detailed as to what you are doing to work this one out.

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These issues never happened on my h100i v2. Never.

I perfectly know how use icue, and I always used to "pin" my cpu or my gpu depending on the profiles I use. The MAIN profiles, not the sub ones for change fan speed etc.

H100i v2 did always react exactly how I customized it on icue. I have a game profile, and fans spin up faster as my gpu temp rise, exactly at the % I decided. H150i pro doesn't absolutely act like this. It just crank up fan to maximum speed without any reason on a custom curve.

Same was for the profile that had pinned cpu instead gpu, fans start spin faster as my cpu get hotter, and I perfectly know that cpu has very fast Temps change, but as I said, on h100i v2 I didn't had any single problem at all.


About profiles, you honestly seems more confused than me. You have the "main" profiles (stock one is called "default") and in each of these profiles you can control fans, rgb, notifications ecc, by creating sub profiles for every section.


Anyway I'll rework my curves based on my coolant temp and see how it goes.

But still, h100i v2 was more versatile, you can use different sensors (coolant temp, cpu ecc) on all profiles. With the H150i pro, if you select a sensor on a profile, it will be used an ALL profiles, even icue report it with an exclamation point near the sensor selection.


Thx for your answer

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You are confusing multiple different systems with each other. The only thing I am confused about is how you did any of this without the software running. None of the control systems you are describing work without Link/iCUE running. The best I can decipher from the above is you were powering and controlling the fans from the Commander Pro rather than the H150i. I don’t know why you want to suck more air through the radiator as the GPU temp rises and this would only make sense for a single panel rear cooler like a H60/75. Regardless, if you want to go back to that, you need to move your three radiator fans off the H150i controller and onto the Commander Pro. The C-Pro is a multiple purpose fan controller and can be adapted to other control sources, with the software running. The H150 is a CPU cooler and is designed for that purpose. Without iCUE and services in operation, only the temp probe sources can be used for control for the C-Pro and coolant temp for the H150i.


For the record, there is nothing you can do with the H100i v2 that cannot be done on the H150i. Whether you know it or not, you are much better off.

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I'm with c-attack here - there's nothing here that doesn't operate exactly the same with the H100i V2. I have two of them running with iCUE.


Now - you can use different sensors if you like. As c-attack mentioned, it's not optimal and, if the software isn't running, those fan curves aren't going to run at all. That's true regardless of the cooler.


One thing that is different - and I think that this is what's confusing you here - is that the fan curve is an stand-alone, profile independent object in iCUE. So when you modify a fan curve in one profile, it's modified in all profiles. This allows you to reuse fan curves across multiple profiles if you so wish and keeps the profiles in sync. Personally, I like this. A lot. If you want to have a profile based on GPU temp and a profile base on CPU temp, you'll have two different profiles ... and two different fan curves.

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