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Repeat macro not working


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I made this account specifically for someone to help with this. I used to have a very old g50 logitech keyboard with 18g function keys on it. It finally broke down and i went looking for something similiar. i found the corsair k55 with enough g-function keys.


i mainly use them for wow to spam some off-cd stuff. now i like the keyboard but the software is a fkin headache imo. With the old logitech software i could make it spam a certain button on the g keys in 10 seconds. Here it took me an hour just to figure out, annoying when u dont have alot of free time.


Now i think i got the settings right and i was able to remap g3/g4 to f9 and f12, but it still didnt work. i spent hours googling to see wtf was wrong and couldnt find anything to make it work. Now iam just irritated and on the verge of just gettin an old logitech again for a 100 bucks since its so ez with that software


iam attaching an ss to show what kind of options iam using.


Any help would be appreciated.






edit: when i press numbers it sometimes duplicates them like so for example i wanna type 6 and instead i get 66, any advise on how to fix that would be great aswell.


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