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icue software doesnt startup automatically. Help


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I upgraded my icue software to the lastest version after that I restarted my pc. However icue software doesnt startup automatically so my keyboard or mouse light doesnt work.

I have Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Keyboard and Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse. My icue software is iCUESetup_3.11.114_release. Please help me how can I solve this issue?

I dont have this issue with my old version of icue. However I removed the setup file when I upgraded to lastest version. If its possible can you share with me the old version of the lastest v3.11.114. So I can install the old version maybe it can fix my issue, if you dont solve my main problem.


My OS: Windows 10 pro 64Bit version 8.01.2019

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